riko-13 replied to your post:oh my god; i seriously want Ruki to be loser of…

But I wanna know what the story was about!!! The only thing I understood was ‘good morning’ and at one point I think he said ‘What? Why?’ or something… I wish I knew more Japanese! But hearing Kai read like that, he should do voice acting for anime

well.. you aren’t the only one; I wish I could understand it too :’) Kai was amazing~ now i’m curious about another band members’ narrative voices 

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thank you, my dear! ♥ *hugs back* 

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              V O R T E X    O F    I N D U S T R Y 


               the GazettE albums | PVs [1/7]
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10 Nameless Liberty Six Bullets 02 Potrait Pamphlet

  •  Aoi – Spontaneity
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